Should You Buy A CPAP Cleaning Machine?

Should you buy a CPAP cleaning machine? If you are a regular user of CPAP, then it’s certainly worth keeping things as hygienic as possible. You likely only use it when sleeping, and you probably keep yourself and your bedroom pretty clean, which would make you think your CPAP is also pretty clean. However, over time, as you breathe through it constantly hours on end, night after night, there might be build up of small odors, bacteria, oils, and other little things that accumulate over time.

It’s, of course, possible to clean your CPAP on your own, as your physician or another medical professional has likely you guided or instructed you on doing. However, how often do you actually do it? Do you hold to the schedule as much as you should?

Whether or not you should be a CPAP cleaning machine is honestly a personal decision, but the right one can help you keep up with the sterilization and cleanliness of your CPAP. So, it might alleviate your burden in cleaning the thing, or it might even be so robust it can do it for you.

Just make sure to check with your doctor or specialist to make sure. You don’t want to trust a CPAP cleaning machine that doesn’t actually get the job done right all the way and not finish the cleaning yourself. You also certainly don’t want anything that might get you ill or hurt or damage your CPAP.

Your health and life are too precious to get this decision wrong, but having said that, your doctor or CPAP specialist can probably recommend a cleaning machine they know and trust that will work just fine with your personal CPAP solution. If you’re lucky, your insurance will even help with the costs.

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