Importance Of Thermal Paste For CPU

When it comes to keeping your CPU cool, nothing is going to do it as well as ensuring that you have sufficient and high-quality thermal paste applied. Without high-quality thermal paste applied, your chip might overheat. However, once you have applied it, you can set it and forget it in most instances. Below, we will be going over the importance of thermal paste for CPUs.

Importance Of Thermal Paste For CPUs:

1. Controls Temps.

The biggest reason why thermal paste is so important is that it can help to control temperatures of your CPU. If you notice that your CPU is throttling too much, you are likely dealing with issues either with your heatsink or the lack of thermal paste applied.

2. Don’t Use Too Much.

While the thermal paste is very important to apply to your socket, you don’t want to overdo it. Placing too much thermal paste on your socket is not going to make it perform any better. In fact, when it comes to thermal paste, less is always better. You simply want to place a pea size amount on your socket in order to get good results from your thermal paste.

3. Preapplied or Post.

A lot of heatsinks come with their own thermal paste pre-applied to them. A lot of people will simply go with this and it will work fine. However, some might want to completely remove it and apply their own aftermarket paste. There is some discussion about which is better and whether or not the extra cost associated with applying third party paste is worth it. However, if you are more comfortable using your own high-quality paste, you might want to do it.

Overall, thermal paste is very important not only to your CPU’s performance but the long-term health of your CPU as well. I got mine at this website¬†

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