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J Cole is the man of the moment at present. He is undoubtedly the brightest shining star in the world of rap and hip hop. His mixtapes and studio albums have achieved roaring success and he has an army of millions of loyal fans around the world. Cole has been signed by Jay Z as an artist for his company Roc Nation. Jermaine Cole has attained pinnacle of success at an early age of 32. If you are desirous of listening to your favourite rapper live, you can get J Cole tickets here with ease. Be ready to attend his liver performances.


Both his parents had strong love for music

If you do not know the background of your favourite music star, J Cole was born as Jermaine Cole in Frankfurt Germany. His father was a military officer while his mother was a housewife. Both his parents loved music and he thus inherited passion for music from his parents. His father loved rap and his mother loved folk and rock music His family later moved to North Carolina when his father left the family. He got involved with rap and hip hop and both these genres became the mainstay of his music.


Remain updated on J Cole and his music

J Cole is today an international star and his concerts and live performances are organized in many countries. If you are interested in keeping track of the schedule of your favourite music star, you have come to the right place. This website is dedicated to J Cole and his music. You will always remain updated on his programs and tour dates if you follow this website. You can also get J Cole tickets here easily without having to ask for a favour from a friend or standing in queues for a long time.

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